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IS YOUR TEAM FAILING To Achieve Results?
YOUR LEADERSHIP TEAM not working like a team?

A great team is central to your success. Your results will never exceed the performance of the team behind you.

Seventy-five percent of work teams are dysfunctional, according to the Harvard Business Review. What are the other 25% doing right?

Team building is one of those business topics that few want to discuss. Gimmicks such as one-day, offsite team retreats and trust falls, simply don’t work.

Top performing organizations realize the significance of teams and focus on getting team culture right.

We help clients succeed by dramatically improving the effectiveness of their work teams. We do this by providing research-based, best practice advice and support to improve team culture and performance.





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First we start with a scientific assessment to measure your team on the level of beliefs and behaviors that are common to successful work groups.


We review the results of the assessment with the team leader first and then the team. With skilled presentation and discussion, the team “discovers” how it needs to change, and they commit to a plan that will drive success.


When most people think of team building, they think of games and events. Unfortunately, they don’t provide lasting success. We work with team leaders to understand the challenges they face and then develop programs to achieve aggressive goals. And we have fun in the process.

3 Steps to Team Success

Sean M. GallagherFounder

Sean’s passion is translating scientific research into easy to grasp methods for improving human effectiveness. He focuses on how psychology can help individuals and teams perform at significantly higher levels.

Collaboration is how ideas are brought to life, problems solved and how all progress is achieved. Yet everywhere we look we see friction in our own dealings and with how team members relate. We can all learn to reduce friction, achieve more and have fun!. . . Read More

Our Clients

Sean M. Gallagher, founder of The Influence Success Company, has helped many clients in the United States, Canada and Australia improve their organizational performance over the last 15 years. His professional services related to team development, marketing skills and organizational culture change are extremely popular with participants. Some of his clients are listed below.

What People Are Saying

“I highly recommend Sean Gallagher. He is very personable and is phenomenal at engaging a group during a presentation. I’ve had three great opportunities of working with Sean: as my professor, a speaker and a leadership trainer. In all three instances, the audience was impressed by Sean’s ability to deliver his knowledge of the subject and leading/engaging group discussions.”

Clement HsiehCommercial Operations Manager, Dresser-Rand

“Sean demonstrated his deep knowledge of the subject matter and his excellent skills in imparting the knowledge to others.”

David HongGeneral Manager, Acquisition and Retention, Consumer Bundling, Telstra (Australia)

“It was a valuable and memorable experience; one I gladly recommend to all.”

Kevin McLaughlinPh.D. Global Electronic Materials Marketing Manager, SACHEM, Inc.

“The outcome of the program not only exceeded our expectations in terms of education and development of the business plan, but also turned out to be a fantastic team building process. My team still talks about how enjoyable Sean’s style was, and how hard we worked to really understand the key drivers of our business.”

Peter BurkhartNational Sales Director, Abbott Laboratories

“Sean’s training style and content is extremely effective! I truly appreciate the learn-and-apply discipline that his workshop offers versus basic reiteration of information that attendees oftentimes encounter.”

Tami SitkoProduct Manager, PerkinElmer

“Sean engages audiences with useful stories, humor, and examples. He energizes the audience and leaves them feeling uplifted and inspired. I highly recommend him … and I have invited him to speak at our future conferences.”

Edwin CohenPresident & Publisher, www.GLOBALHRNews.net

“Sean is an energetic and engaging facilitator, who’s experience shines through with the passion he brings to teaching.”

Alan ColvinHR Director - Corporate Units and Wholesale, Telstra (Australia)

“Sean is without doubt one of the best leadership facilitators and coaches in the world.”

Chris BrownCustomer Centric Culture Consultant, Award Winning Author, Keynote Speaker

“It was a great workshop and Sean did a fantastic job of delivering the content with his engaging style. The reviews from the product management team where consistently exceptional. The team enjoyed the day, appreciated the content and learned valuable influencing skills to use immediately at work.”

Ken DieselmanVP Global Product Management, K2M


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